our coffee

Umwihariko focuses on Arabica coffee – the best choice of coffee plant for the Rwandan climate. Grown in the south-west region, the Koakaka Cooperative includes over 1100 individual members. Established in 2003, these experienced local cultivators produce an average of 190 tonnes per year, with 2016 expecting an increase to 255 tonnes due to a plantation extension. The care and experience these farmers offer ensures a high quality product.

We supply specialty sorted and fully washed Arabica coffee beans. Producing the best Fairtrade beans from our farms requires attention to detail, and our coffee plants are all cleaned and cared for by hand. The desirable Rwandan climate causes these plants to thrive.

Rwandan coffee is known for its delicate flavour with a creamy body and hints of citrus acidity. The 2015 worldwide Cup of Excellence: Coffee Quality Competition, saw Koakaka allotted the places of No.6 (with 89.05%) and No.14 (with 86.79%).


Rwandan coffee varieties offer complex, unique flavours. Koakaka Arabica coffee beans produce beautifully flavoured, exceptionally drinkable coffee. The end result is a light to medium acidity, balanced with a strong body, and chocolate characteristics with blueberry notes.