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U mwi ha ri ko // something special [Kinyarwanda]


Umwihariko wants the world to taste Rwandan coffee. We are a locally founded exporter based in Kigali, Rwanda, The Land of a Thousand Hills.

Excellence is at the heart of our work. The high elevation, existence of dual rainy seasons, and mountainous landscape make Rwanda a uniquely perfect country to produce high quality Arabica beans. We commit to sourcing our beans from a local cooperative of coffee cultivators to share Fairtrade Rwandan Arabica coffee with the world.


Land of 1000 Hills

Arabica plants grow most ideally within relatively cool climates with distinct dry/wet seasons to ensure a bountiful harvest and to boost the flavour of the bean. The western region of Rwanda is both lushly green and mountainous, and with cooler temperatures at its high elevation, making it an attractive area for coffee growers. Rwandans pride themselves on their land’s natural beauty and biodiversity, and endeavour to maintain wilderness areas.